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Should the wedding Bands for hire sing or only play the songs

Generally, it happens that wedding bands only play the songs on the instruments. They prepare the music track of multiple songs and play the live music on different musical instruments but some of the wedding bands also sing the songs along with the music. They take a vocalist along with them to actually sing the song whose music that band plays.

Sometimes it looks good but sometimes it seems like excessiveness of the creativity. No doubt it adds the additional feature to the skills of the band which offers the double advantage to the event organiser that he doesn’t have to hire the additional singer if he also wants some singing but it is also the fact that untrained and a regular singer offered by the wedding band ruins the beauty and originality of the actual song. So, if the wedding band wants to sing the song along with the music, then they should consider the following aspects:

  1. The singer should be trained

Most of the time it happens that the singer that comes along with the wedding band is not completely professional. He just tries to meet with basic roles of a singer which makes the environment uneasy instead of a feeling of comfort. He may also try to overcome his non-professionalism over the stage which also leaves a bad impact on the listeners.

  1. Synchronised Music

The most important point while singing the song along with the band is to be synchronised with the music track. It sometimes happens that the singer moves forward or remains back of the music which causes some disturbance. This will leave a very bad impact on the listeners. It will make the audience annoyed instead of pleased and it will be exactly opposite to the purpose of hiring the wedding band.

  1. Music should not be loud

A wedding band consists of many musical instruments to play the music. They combine them to produce a strong sound music and create a loud and pleasing musical environment. It proves better if the band is only playing the music of the song. If there is also a singer to sing the song on that band, then you should be sure that the music of the band should not be loud. It should not be so loud that the voice of the singer seems difficult to hear. In this scenario, it will make the existence of the singer as an inappropriate aspect.

  1. Most of the Songs should have soft Music 

As it is a wedding ceremony, not any dance club. So people like to enjoy the soft music at such kind of events. In order to add a singer to the wedding band, makes people more expected about the beautiful performances. In this case, no one enjoys your band if you had the collection of hip-hop or rock music songs instead of romantic and soft ones. So make sure that you have the collection of beautiful and lovely romantic songs to sing and play.

Well, there is no obligation for a wedding band to sing but it should consider the above-described aspects properly, otherwise, it will not work, visit the wedding band agency website to hear their live music.

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